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Resurrection Sunday Piece

We have been working on a new piece for this Easter Sunday! I had really wanted to do it last year but sadly we were too busy and I had never really done watercolor at all. But this year I have been practicing more often and was able to paint this simple sunrise.

When I first tried to paint it I had a hard time making the colors mix and I wanted to go from yellow at the horizon to blue in the sky, but it didn't work out to well for me. It turned out really green; Not what I wanted at all. So I watched some tutorials that where super helpful and was able to get the look I wanted on my second try.

Sky watercolor

My final painting looked like this. I wanted the crosses to be over on the side so that the crucifixion felt like it had already past and that it was the morning that Jesus rose from the dead.

The Final Watercolor Painting

Then I asked dad to letter John 11:25 under the horizon line. So he lettered it in black and he did a great job at laying it out very nicely and then I took it into affinity photo, a program that is sort of like photoshop and stuck it on top of the watercolor then I created a gradient that looked just like the sunrise and it looked really cool! So we decided that would be the best way to color the text. So here is the final project.

The Final Piece

So we will be selling this in 11x14, 8x10, and 5x7 while having a 40% off deal until Monday April 2nd. Click here to view or purchase. Thanks for your time.

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