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Psalm 150:6 (Downloadable)

Psalm 150:6 (Downloadable)


Files Included: 


- 8x10 PDF with parchment background 

- 8x10 PDF with white background 


This verse is lettered in Fraktur, with the name "LORD" highlighted with gold in the negative space. The bells of two gold trumpets projecting from the lower right and left corners of this piece help emphasize this powerful message of praise for all who have breath.

  • Story Behind the Art

    Jane Glosser is an interior designer who loves Scripture. She headed up a project for Trinity Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, TX, to display large framed verses (22"x28") in their new foyer. Their strategy was to have church members volunteer to sponsor the lettering and display of one of their favorite verses. I had the privilege of doing these verses. This is one of the pieces that was matted and framed.

  • Translation


  • Text

    Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!

    Psalm 150:6

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