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Psalm 136:1

Psalm 136:1

This verse is done in the Black Letter style. This style speaks to the majesty, uprightness, goodness, and beauty of God The first letter is enlarged with ornamentation. 

  • Story Behind the Art

    This truth of God being good is crucial for us to grasp. He is good all the time, regardless of how it appears to me or you. This truth is related in many other Scriptures, including Psalm 100:5. I recently heard a song entitled "You Are Always Good". The words were written by Chris Anderson, and the music by Jonathan Hamilton. Chris gives the story here:

    "I was overwhelmed when Ron and Shelly Hamilton asked me to write a text for one of the tunes composed by their son Jonathan. His death was a tragedy to their family, but they have responded with faith and grace that can only be traced to our Heavenly Father. I considered the charge a solemn responsiblity, and I desired to honor Jonathan, comfort those who loved Him, and magnify His Savior. The result is “You Are Always Good,” a text which I believe encapsulates the experience of Jonathan, his family, and every true Christian."


    I got to hear Jonathan's mother describe God's goodness through this deep trial. As I then heard Jonathan's sister sing this song, I was deeply touched and just wept and wept. You can hear this song at this link:

  • Translation


  • Text

    Psalm 136:1

    O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever.

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