Psalm 100

This verse is lettered mostly in the Fraktur style. The first letters of verses one through four are done in gold Lombardic capitals. The first phrase of the last verse, "FOR THE LORD IS GOOD" is done in a large Uncial style,  with the letters outlined in green. The vines  appear to be growing in and around this piece, adding color and embellishment.


This piece was commissioned by Calvary Bible Church, in Columbus, Ohio in 2003. This is the church my parents began attending after they accepted Christ. They were involved in the Children's Church where I took my turn to be Assistant Pastor. My mother lettered a verse that hung over the drinking fountain for years. I considered it a privilege to be asked to letter Psalm 100 for Calvary Bible Church years later. The phrase I wanted to emphasize in this manuscript is found in the first part of verse "For the LORD is good" what a powerful truth to grasp! He is good all the time whether or not we can see it. His character is reason for great rejoicing!

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