Proverbs 31 (Virtuous Woman)

This passage from Proverbs 31 is lettered in Standard Zanerian Engrosser's Script, with embellished capital letters. The title "Virtuous Woman" is lettered in the Fraktur style in antique gold. Decorative swirls surround this piece to emphasize the beauty of the virtuous woman.


I did this piece before I was married in honor of my Godly loving mother. I have been blessed beyond measure by her. She has shown the qualities in this passage over and over again. She has reached out to so many children and ministered God's love shown in the Gospel. Then the Lord gave me my amazing wife, Joy, who likewise possesses these qualities. She is so diligent in ministering to the needs of our children, reading with them, instructing them in their studies, doing so many special things, and most importantly, teaching them about God's Word and the story of Jesus. What a rich man I am to be so blessed by these virtuous women, my mother and my wife. I love you both dearly! Thank you for seeking first the kingdom of God, for loving Him, and for loving people, including me. 

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