Numbers 6:24-26

These verses are lettered in the following styles: Fraktur, Uncial, Black Letter, Bookhand, Chancery Cursive, Simple Roman, and Copperplate (Engrossers Script). The colors include black for Numbers 6:24-26, red, blue, and green for the supporting verses for the three sections of the blessing, dark blue on light blue with gold trim for the surrounding verses from Psalm 62, and gold for the "LORD" and 'His".


Several years ago, a lady from our church came to me with a long list of verses that she and her sister wanted me to letter for their dear friend. This friend of theirs and her husband and children had just moved to a new home. The husband was mowing in the back yard and some kind of insect bit him. Tragically, he died a few days later. This set of verses was intended to minister to this young wife with three children at a time of deep sorrow. The verses are arranged using the three sections of Numbers 6:24-26, with the first section in red showing God's keeping power, the second His grace in blue, and the third His peace in green. These three sets of verses are surrounded by verses from Psalm 62, with a light blue sky background and doves in the corners representing the Comforter, the Holy Spirit. The Lord has used this to minister to many. Praise the Lord!

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