"Faithful" Scripture Medley

The primary emphasis of this piece is the word "Faithful". God's faithfulness is detailed in the border, with the verses in the center describing the blessings God gives on His faithful servants It is done in Fraktur, along with the rest of Matthew 25:23, and the verses in blue around the border. The other styles used are Black Letter, Chancery Cursive, Uncial, Bookhand, and Standard Zanerian Engrosser's Script.


This verse was done for Paul Daniels and his family. He is now with the Lord. The folks at Scripture Memory Fellowship relayed this testimony.

In the 1950s a thin, serious, square-jawed young man from Dallas began memorizing and coming to Scripture Memory Camp. Paul had lost his dad at a young age, but through the joyful influence of his mother, he excelled at memorizing God's Word. Paul went on to a successful career in the municipal bond market, but he never stopped valuing God's Word, never stopped loving Jesus Christ. His company's motto was Jesus' saying from the parable of the minas, "Do business till I come" (Luke 19:13). At his memorial service, Paul’s son said, "My Dad painted for me a picture of the God Who calls Himself Father. He painted a pretty good picture. All of us fathers get to paint this picture. And when we do a good job, death is a great loss. So now, 'missing Dad' reminds me that I am longing even more for the Father of Whom Dad was just a picture: the One Who created fatherhood, the One Who never grows old. The apostle John told us that 'No man has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwells in us, and His love is perfected in us.'" As our ministry has entered its third generation, God has used Paul and his family to encourage us mightily and to meet many needs.

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