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John 1:1-5 (Downloadable)

John 1:1-5 (Downloadable)


Files Included: 


- 8x10 PDF with parchment paper

- 8x10 PDF with white paper 


This manuscript is done in the ESV version with the Fraktur style. Illuminated capitals are used to begin the three sections of this text. The first speaks of the Word (Jesus) in the beginning, which is represented with highlights of blue, seen in the sky and sea. The second speaks of the involvement of the Word in creation, which is represented with highlights of green, seen in the lush flora of creation. The third speaks of life and light coming from the Word, which is represented with highlights of red, seen in blood which is the life of the flesh. The Word is also shown at the bottom as the Alpha and Omega. Subtle references to the Word are seen with the cross in first occurrence of the Word and the phrase "Faithful and True - the Word of God" at the end of the first section, which refers to Revelation 19:11 and 13. John 5:1-5 is surrounded by John 1:12-13 which speaks of receiving and believing the Word to become children of God.

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