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James 1:22a (Downloadable)

James 1:22a (Downloadable)


Documents Included:

-4x6 PDF with Parchment Background

This portion of James 1:22 is lettered in two styles - script and Classic Roman. Script is used for the words "Be doers". I put extra swirls in the slanted script letters to give the sense of motion - "doing". The Word of God is lettered in all capitals, taking up the majority of the print, to represent the firm foundation and huge importance of Scripture in our lives. As we do God's will revealed in His Word, our life takes on the beauty of the Lord (Psalm 91:17) which is denoted by the colorful flowers on the top and bottom borders. To buy the physical product click here.

  • Story Behind the Art

    This piece was commissioned by the Texas Ladies Auxiliary of Gideons International, for a state meeting. They especially wanted the Texas flower included, the Bluebonnet! I praise God for the ministry of the Gideons and for the huge support of the Ladies Auxiliary to aid in distributing God's precious Word. 

  • Text

    Be doers of the Word. James 1:22

  • Translation


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