I Die Daily (Downloadable)


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-11x14 PDF with a Parchment background

-8x10 PDF with a Parchment background

The theme for this Scripture medley is I Corinthians 15:31b - I Die Daily. The Scriptures surrounding this key verse are done in various styles, all emphasizing the theme of identifying with Jesus Christ in His death. This was lettered for friends of ours by another calligrapher. I like to call this a "Scripture Medley".To buy the physical product click here.

In 2004, when our family moved from Ohio to Texas to assist at a small church in Rockwall, the Dr. Jobe Martin family gave this framed art work to our family. They have encouraged us over the years with the calligraphy ministry. I used the idea from this calligrapher (whom I have never met) to do other "Scripture Medleys", such as Numbers 6:24-26. Thank you, Martins, for letting us provide this powerful set of verses on to others and for being cheerleaders for the ministry of God's Word through calligraphy!

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