He Is No Fool


This statement was made by Jim Elliot. He sealed it with his blood, along with his four fellow servants of Christ, when he was speared to death by the Auca Indians beside the Curaray River in Ecuador on January 8, 1956. The country of Ecuador is shown in the background, lettered with John 12:24-25 repeated over and over.


Not long after I gave my life to Christ, I clearly remember reading the two books "Through Gates of Splendor" and "Shadow of the Almighty".  These books greatly impacted me! Elisabeth Elliot wrote them about her husband, Jim Elliot, who had died at the hands of the Auca Indians, to whom he was endeavoring to give the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After Joy and I were married, I took a short lettering class in Columbus, Ohio, with Anne Woods. This was my final project for that class.

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