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Christ is the Head

Christ is the Head

This piece is lettered in the Fraktur style in black ink, with the words "Christ", "Head", "Unseen Guest", and "Silent Listener" done with gold ink. "Christ" is made the largest word, at "front and center", to characterize what the statement says. Red is used as a highlight color for the cross and between the lines of text.

  • Behind the Art

    This was commissioned by a family that wanted to make a clear statement about Christ in their home. I was glad to do this since I also wanted to have this proclaimed in our home. I remember the impact that this declaration made on me when I saw it in a relative's home in Denver, Colorado while I was visiting years ago.

  • Translation

  • Text

    Christ is the Head of this household,

    the Unseen Guest at every meal,

    the Silent Listener to every conversation.

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